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Most advanced crypto currency cloud mining, hash rental service provider

The most advanced crypto currency cloud mining, hash rental and multipool.


                                                                                   Rent hash power by simply placing an order!

Lease your rigs as simple as using a multipool!

NiceHash is the most advanced crypto currency cloud mining, hash rental and multipool. We offer you to buy or sell hashing power without contracts on pay-as-you-go basis. Why bother with risky mining contracts or renting/leasing rigs, when you can sell or buy hashing power directly? NiceHash brings more to renters and rig owners.

And how exactly NiceHash service works?
NiceHash works similar as an advanced pool. Rig owners point their rigs towards NiceHash advanced stratum server. NiceHash stratum server verifies, aggregates and accelerates hash power of the connected rigs and points the power to the pools that buyers set’s within their orders.


Why use NiceHash for buying hashing power?
– Pay for exactly what you want – for accepted shares only!
– Never pay for dead or faulty configured rigs (remember, you’re not renting rigs but rig’s hash power which is aggregated through NiceHash)!
– Simple way to create orders instantly!
– Cancel any order at any time (finally you can instantly switch between various algorithms)!
– Secure online wallet for fast purchases!
– Mine your coins with massive hash rates!

Buying hashing power at NiceHash is very simple. We welcome you to take a look a this short video how-to tutorial to get a quick glance of how NiceHash works and how you can buy and use hashing power at NiceHash.

Wanna get some hash power ASAP? Just register at nicehash.com and place your order Smiley

Why use NiceHash for selling hashing power?
– As simple as using a multipool with PPS!
– Keeping peace of mind while selling your hash power (buyers are not directly affected if your rig goes offline – you’ll never have to make any refunds or time extensions)!
– Be paid more than any multipool pays!
– Automatic payments in Bitcoins 4 times a day!
– No registration needed!
– No limits – use as many rigs as you like!
– Graphical and textual statistics!

Wanna start earning some Bitcoins ASAP? Take a look at our Getting started guide.

You should also check out our innovative Best Profit Auto-Switching Multi-Algorithm Mining! NiceHash BPASMAM calculates the currently most profitable algorithm based on current orders at NiceHash.com. If GPU miners uses our auto-switching ports (ports 43xx), then sgminer will automatically switch to the most profitable algorithm.

NiceHash.com is hosted on a professional servers infrastructure. We’ll work hard to provide highly-available and secure service to our users.

So, what are you waiting for? Start using NiceHash today!

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