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Investing In Bitcoin casinos: Crypto-Games.net

We continued our investing experiment to Crypto-games. This site accepts investments in different cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and Litecoin; This time we added some ETH, whose results are discussed in the bottom of this article. As we already implied, this article will focus on the results of our investment; we added 0.01 BTC to the site’s bankroll (minimum accepted), which got us slightly more than 0.003% shares of .

Unlike Bitvest, there is no risk multiplier on Crypto-Games, which means all investments are placed at their true values (1X). The only choice, except the amount and the currency, is to keep the investment visible to other users or keep it private. we chose the latter, but it does not really make any difference in terms of results.


How did our bitcoin investment behave?

Day 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Total value of the investment 0.01

0.010025 0.010123 0.010068 0.010142 0.010267 0.010298 0.010317

Our overall results were much better than the previous investment at bitvest.io, we got a profit of around 3.18% during the week and 3 hours we had participated in the global bankroll. Our value of bitcoin investment raised continuously, except a small fall on the second day. To be surprised, it increased nearly 1% on day 4.


From the figure above, we can see that our principal never fell under its original value at any given day. It cannot assure that it will be always like that case. Every investment comes with some extent of risk. As we had suggested previously, a longer period of investment would yield satisfied return.

Why and why not invest in Crypto-Games?

First: the positive points. Definitively, the wide range of cryptocurrency and investment options, make this site attractive to gamblers and investors. Monitoring your investment on Crypto-games is much easier than in other casinos since the detailed statistics (profit and loss) are presented hourly. You can even know the contribution of all of the games to your profit (or loss). The site is actively promoted and attractive to average gamblers, hence the flow of players to the site is more or less guaranteed, which always convert to profit. While the site still uses the secret URL system, you can set a password and enable 2FA to add extra security to your account.

Another interesting feature is that no investment commission is charged. The casino keeps 20% of the house edge earning directly and distributes the remaining among their investors: You can know how much you have earned all the time. No fee is taken for withdrawals (unless you select the “fast” delivery option), so even small investment has a chance of generating a positive profit. Finally, the site implements level system. If you have active investments meeting their requirement, your account will get boosted higher (if you invest 4 BTC, your level will be temporarily increased by 7 and the amount available to be collected from faucet is increased by about 2000 satoshi).

What is problematic with Crypto-Games?

Well, no much in my opinion. You have to keep your investment for at least 24 hours, so think carefully before locking your money. I advised you to turn off the visibility of your investment for the security reasons when you start it, unless you have any valid reason to make it public.

Proof of funds

Crypto-Games makes their cold wallet addresses available to be checked, which are 1Lfb39v37yRCK4HzWcPkDzTGFG8eebCUF7 and 158Jny8uwdCfxwbCrjVQHSq9M97w7pzruq. Anyone can check their balances at any time. The remaining is kept in hot wallets. This information can be retrieved either from their official Bitcointalk thread or from their site’s FAQ section.

Tips for investing on Crypto-Games

Remember the 24-hour lock, so do not invest any amount of coins you will need in a 1-day period. Also, if you do not want to pay a withdrawal fee, you will have to wait for around 6 blocks time( about 60 minutes ) to get your money showing up at your wallet. Since the global bankroll is barely 300 BTC, you may suddenly see the profit turn to negative , you shouldn’t get panic. It is normal that the house could lose to its players at any point but will turn to positive profits eventually from long run due to the existing house edge .

As we already suggested when we invested on Bitvest, the longer time the investment is kept active, the more return! The compound interest and house edge will bring you a nice prize for being patient.

Investing Altcoins: Ether on Crypto-Games

Day 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Total value of the investment 0.5

0.50123823 0.4942435 0.5042823 0.5102142 0.5087544 0.5121669 0.51561449

I will briefly present the performance of our Ethereum investment on Crypto-Games.

We put 0.5 ETH there for a week. Unlike Bitcoin, this one had a very particular performance, even falling to negative numbers, due to the relative lower number of Ether bankroll (at least as of now), which makes us easier to get a higher share, even we were only investing the minimum amount (we had around 0.01% shares, much more than the percentage BTC investment got).


From the figure we can see that our final profit was around 1%. From our observation, much less bets are placed with Ether. It is the possible reason for the lower profit and the higher volatility of return.

Regarding the ETH funds, the respective cold wallet is 0x6fadb8662993426b1245940bab05dd07cbeb51b8. It is as well listed both on their Bitcointalk thread and FAQ section .

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