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invest in btc38

Invest In Exchange BTC38

Chinese Exchange BTC38 has been running its bitcoin and altcoins exchange business since August 2013, is one of the most active altcoins exchange platforms in the world, which is known as security and reliability. There is a review article here.


BTC38 gave away 16,000,000 Timescoin ( TMC ) to its active users for free, which is kind of altcoin token or company shares and is only stored on its platform, beginnig at November 2013, until March 2015. The distribution process is available for the public and every record is still carefully kept in its database. It claimed that 50% of BTC and CNY trading fees will be dispersed to Timescoin holders. But altcoin fees are excluded. Now this offer is end but the dividend distribution is still carried out weekly.

timescoin distribution

There is no need for users to worry about the fairness of the dividend distribution. The trading record and dividend distribution are transparent to the public. Any one can check the details here for the trading records.

Every Friday’s morning the dividend will be distributed to every holder’s account.

2016-8-12 0.001696 CNY 0.00000011 BTC
2016-8-5 0.001623 CNY 0.00000003 BTC
2016-7-29 0.002458 CNY 0.00000006 BTC
2016-7-22 0.002257 CNY 0.00000007 BTC
2016-7-15 0.004607 CNY 0.00000007 BTC
2016-7-8 0.004075 CNY 0.00000008 BTC
2016-7-1 0.004075 CNY 0.00000008 BTC

TMC is actively traded there. Anyone could invest it using bitcoin and receive diviend in BTC and CNY in their BTC38 account weekly. Its price is normally correlating with the amount of dividend payment. In the above table there are 7 continuous weeks dividend records. The average weekly dividend is 0.2%, monthly is just 0.8%, which is probably no competitive in cryptospace. But what is attracting investors’ attention is its security and stable without exposing to high risk.

timescoin price chart

The Distribution of Fortunebean

To celebrate its third anniversary, BTC38 is distributing Fortunebean to Timescoin holders for 24 weeks withouth any fees. At the time of my writing the distribution comes to the sixth week. Every Timescoin will be entitled to get 0.0133 Fortunebean every week. For example, if a user hold 100 Timescoins at the time of dividend distribution this week, he will get 1.33 Fortunebean. Holding Fortunebean will entitle its holders to share some percentage of the monthly profits made by BTC38, which is proportional to the amount of Fortunebean. The more a user invest in Timescoin, the more he will get Fortunebean. It is still great time to invest in Timescoin before too late. Another advantage is that Fortunebean can be exchanged to gifts.

Interests Center

btc38 interests center

While altcoins are kept on BTC38, users will get interests payment. Earning coins is easy without doing any trade. But users have to collect it mannually in every 24 hours. The issue is that the number of coins is limited, like DOGE, ZCC, TAG etc.

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