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How to Hack for GHs in Bitzfree

How can you hack Bitzfree to get GHs

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How to Hack In Hack GHs section:

-> Type help and you will see two commands: list and crack.
-> list shows the available victims.
-> Select a user hash from the list which has the highest chance to hack ratio.
-> Then type crack “userhash”.
-> After cracking is completed, use the given hash combinations on the form under the console.
-> Then click hack button.

[yourname@bitzfree.com ~]$ list
Available Victims
User Hash Chance to Hack
Usvn/FqMOD5Qw 10.66%
pu4NLMxhr0V3Q 51.12%
pakQumozUGRWM 54.73%
– We choose the user pakQumozUGRWM which has the highest Chance to Hack.
– To crack pakQumozUGRWM’s password type crack pakQumozUGRWM.

[yourname@bitzfree.com ~]$ crack pakQumozUGRWM

User Hash: pakQumozUGRWM
Password Hash: 92cea8f9abad186fea7b8481f3c68392
Pin Code: 162
Use these hashes before the victim logins to bitzfree.com

– Finally, use the given hash combinations on the form under the console.
– Then click hack button.

Rules of Hacking
– Beginners have immune to be hacked. You cannot hack a user who has lower than 60 GHs, they are not listed in victims list.
– The victim of hacking is protected for 48 hours.
– For each attack, only 10% of the victim’s GHs can be hacked.
– You can only hack the real GHs. Not the doubled one. For example, victim has 500 GHs doubled, in real 250 GHs. You can hack 25 GHs.
– Only offline or inactive users can be hacked.
– Identities (password hash & user hash) of users are hidden , the attacker cannot find you again and therefore, probability of being hacked again is very low.
– You have to wait 2 minutes after a successful hacking operation.
– After you have reached 60 GHs level, you have to produce GHs to continue hacking.

Actually, Hacking is an advantage for active users. There are many inactive users that have more than 20 GHs.

The Probability of Being Hacked = X / ( 3600 * 48)
X = Time passed after you’ve been hacked in seconds

Happy hacking!

Win Bonus GHs from Social Media Shares
Share bitzfree.com and Win Bonus GHs Share from Bonus GHs section and then mail the direct links of your social media accounts to bitzfree dot contact at gmail dot com
When sharing on Facebook, please change the privacy option to “public”.

– When I will be paid?
After you’ve reached 0.01 BTC or more.

– Why the payment threshold is so high?
It’s because of the high transaction fees for lower BTC transactions. And 0.01 BTC is not very high.

– How can I protect my GHs?
You have to be online and active everytime and therefore it is impossible. But you can hack, too.

– How I can produce GHs?
You can produce GHs by converting BTC to GHs or Bonus to GHs from My Cloud section.

– What is Recovered GHs?
It’s the recovered part of your Hacked GHs.

Recovered GHs = X*(0.75-Y/1000)

X: Hacked GHs by other users (Your Loss)
Y: The Real GHs you have (not the doubled one)

– Why I see the “Undefined Pin Code” error?
It occurs from a database read error due to the high load in our hosting server. Sorry for that.

– How I can donate to this project?
You can send us BTC to our official wallet 1HmAECAwepz244Tz7PmTXwoF8JqLKLr2WN

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