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Free Bitcoin Cloud Mining

How to get free bitcoin for using free cloud mining

Free Bitcoin Cloud Mining server. Don’t expect high earnings, it is a combination of the faucet and cloud mining concepts, like a game.  Users start with 20 GHs SHA-256 cloud mining as a starting bonus and can earn bitcoins proportional to their GHs amount ike a classic cloud mining server.



GHs can be purchased with bitcoins and bonus points which can be earned for every login.

Interestingly, we give opportunity to hack other users’ account and thus users can steal 10% of the victim’s GHs.



Also,  we offer a double mining option for a limited time. Users can double their bitcoin production with one click.

Unlike classic cloud minig, we have overclocking ability. Overclocking increases the bitcoin production upto 250% but decreases the GHs amount. ( GHs burning )

In addition, users can choose their mining strategy to maximize their income.



Users can change their mining policy at anytime. For example, choosing “Cheaper GHs” will decrease GHs price with 20%, therefore choosing this strategy will be wise before purchasing GHs.

Get it now today and earn free bitcoin for doing nothing 

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