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Free $200 in Bitcoin every Hours

Most of the available methods to make money online takes too long time such as creating blog and putting some ads, It will take you decades to make your first payment. Most of the sites offering fulling surveys for money are scams. but few are real and I wanted to mention some of those

Step 1: What you will need

you will need:

A bitcoin wallet. I prefer using localbitcoins.com, BUT if you don’t have one you will need to create your wallet before going further.

Step 2: Freebitco


freebitco.in is one of the most profitable services that offers you money for ads. your balance will increase by a value ranging from 0.00001261 BTC to 1.26050420 BTC every hour based on luck only. minimum payment is 0.00005460 BTC which hopefully mean that you can get your first payment in 5 hours of watching 1 ads every hour. all registering is so simple just you will need your bitcoin address and email .
this is the one I really recommend for you if you want to make your first payment in few hours

Step 3: Thats all

that is all what I can tell you currently I am a bit busy but I assure you that I will post extra ways very soon
please if you feel that this post helped you making some money make some donations to my bitcoin address even a penny will make a difference

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