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crypto-games .net – Enter the World of gambling


Crypto-Games.net is an online gambling website offering four games – Dice, Blackjack, Slot and Lottery. Their main goal is to offering you to gamble online with virtual currencies safely and responsibly

And on 26/12/2015 they hit 200 millions bets placed on dice game.

Since launched on May 2014 , They are providing best online online game using cryptocurrency . Initially they started with dice and slot game .soon after launch it get popular in some month  and people all over the world start playing the game online or there fun or for extra income . Many people have made this site and extra source of income of there lively hood .The best thing happen that people don’t have to go to casino  and play … Here you can play from your dome room .

After the success of this 2 game they decided to start the one another most popular game paled in casinos is blackjack .And soon they lunched the game gone viral …

Now another success story come lottery game name as ” lotto ”



You can’t deny the fact that dice and slots are two of the most popular Bitcoin gambling games, and Crypto-Games.net takes advantage of this fact by offering simple, provably fair dice and slot platforms available to be played with fun money or 7 of the top cryptocurrencies

In addition to the dice game, Crypto-Games.net also offers a 4-wheel slot machine game. The minimum bet for this game is 10 credits (0.00001 Bitcoin, 0.001 Litecoin, 10 Dogecoin), while the maximum bet is 5,000 credits (0.005 BTC, 0.5 LTC, and 5,000 Dogecoin. According to the site itself, the house edge for the slot machine is 1.241%.



Visit :- crypto-games.net

All games are entirely provably fair.

They now accept 8 cryptocurrencies for there 4 most popular games .People are playing all over the world with smooth and Provably fair games .Site is optimized for mobile devices and website is  responsive ..so you will not find running this game in any device .

Best thing is that you don’t have to register ..just deposit and start playing !!!


Best Promotion and offer

They running many offer and promotion in bitcointalk cryptocurrency community forum ..Here is the list of all promotion they running ..

The best promotion which is already end is 0.4 BTC for the one who hit 200 million bets .

They also run some of best occasional promotions you can find the information about this will be here

Withdrawals And Deposit

Having been operating under the cryptocurrency circle of transaction, it is certain that bettors are to experience instant and secure fund management. On Crypto-Games.net, deposits only take no confirmation and two confirmations for withdrawals. Deposits must be at least 0.0001 BTC while cashouts require a minimum amount of 0.001 BTC.

If you want to gamble then you must enter the world of digital currency gambling We present to you the best and more reliable website for gamble with 4 of the wold best gambling games

Visit :- crypto-games.net

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