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99.9%Dice,bot plus NO RISK STRATEGY!

Hey guys im going to share a almost NO RISK strategy for 99.9% dice.

First thing you gotta to is sign up.Click here

After you done that go to ‘Account’ tab and create name and pass etc.

Next go to this link here and download ‘Download the sample 999dice.com bot (Build 2014-12-20, Requires .NET 4.5, which comes with Windows 8, or can be downloaded here)’

After you got the bot open it,log in and choose the currency you want to bot/autopilot/gamble.

Now here’s the fun part undefined

Fill in everything except the ‘base bet/initial bet amount’ here a screening of my numbers click here

Now your probably wondering where i got my base bet number,here’s how.I divided my balance by 1000,now here’s the part when it all depends on.

If you divide your amount by 1000 theirs a tiny bit of risk involve although not a lot.However if you want to be safe and be patient divide your number by 10000 or 100,000 or 1,000,000.It also depends on fast you want to go,the lower the faster although more risky than 1,000,000.

If you’re just experimenting try out 1000,if you’re serious try out 10,000 or 100,000 or if you’re like extremely serious go ahead and divide your balance by 1,000,000.

Also if your new to the site and don’t have bitcoins,doge,lite you can claim some to gamble every 5 minutes.


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