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5 Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Bitcoin Casino

Bitcoin has a growing popularity in online casinos and the main reason is probably because most players are simply fed up with slow-paced transactions, the fact that they need to wait for a few days before they get their money. However, since the first bitcoin casino emerged in the market in 2009, many things have changed, and many bitcoin casinos have been launched. But how much do you really know about bitcoin?

Bitcoin is an innovative digital currency used by a growing number of online casinos in order to give players a safe, fast, and free way of getting money into and out of their accounts. There are a bunch of advantages that bitcoin casinos hold over real money casinos besides safety and faster pay-outs, but let’s not go into details because this time we have decided to focus on 5 main things you should keep in mind when choosing a casino that accepts bitcoin to play at.

1. Is the casino licensed?

First and foremost, you should check whether the online casino you are looking to play at is licensed and regulated. There are some gaming jurisdictions like MGA, Isle of Man, and Gibraltar that still haven’t acknowledged bitcoin as a currency. However, there are those such as Curacao that have. Therefore many bitcoin casinos are also licensed. The fact that a casino is licensed by an official gaming authority is a good sign that it is not a complete hoax, or at least that you will have a regulatory body to turn to if anything goes wrong.

2. Which games does the casino offer?

Next in line of things you should pay attention to is the casino’s games selection. Once you find out what software the casino you are interested in joining runs on, you should also check which games you can actually play with bitcoin. Certain software platforms simply do not accept bitcoin. Take the time to see which games are actually within your reach, especially if you are looking into a hybrid casino (online casinos that accept both real money and bitcoin).

This will definitely help you decide if this casino in particular is worth your time. After all, why should you become a member of an online casino if there isn’t a game that appeals to your gaming taste?

3. What kind of promotions does the casino offer?

Online casinos tend to lure players with attractive promotional offers. If you are a type of player that loves to play with bonus cash or take part in other exciting events such as raffles, giveaways and similar, before you register you should always look into the casino’s offers. Welcome bonuses can often mean the world because they can boost your balance and give you a head start. Whether they are match bonuses, free spins, or no-deposit bonuses, they can often come in handy and offer you more chances to win.

4. Is the customer support available 24/7?

The fourth thing you should check is the casino’s customer support. Often enough it happens that something goes awry, and problems and issues know not of time. If you encounter a problem, you will need a quick response especially if you’re on a roll. This is why it is important for a casino to have a top notch customer support available round the clock. This is also a good indicator that the casino holds their players in high regard, and cares about their needs.

5. What do others think about this casino?

Last but not least important is the casino’s reputation. This can be checked by visiting various casino portals and reading their casino reviews. There are some casino portals such as AskGamblers that offer player reviews as well. Of course, there are also various forums and chat rooms that hold valuable information about online casinos. You can choose any of these resources, but it is important to do a sort of a background check on the casino. It’s best to get in touch with players who already tried playing at a certain casino and hear about their experiences.

Now that you know what to look for in  bitcoin casinos, you are all set to find a good place to play at.

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